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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I completed my first (and likely only) marathon 2011. I say “completed” because I can’t honestly say I “ran” it. My goal was to complete in 6 hours, and I crossed the finish line at 6:01:10. The overachiever in me was disappointed.

Since I walked often, many times I had sections of the course almost all to myself. Overall I was pretty impressed with myself…until a man ran past me pushing a stroller with two teenagers! Ok, they were just children, but it was a big ego hit since I knew he had a start at least 30 minutes after my group.

Since that day I have always smiled when I see people running and pushing a stroller. If they are carrying on a conversation as well, I want to bow to them. What they are doing is no joke!

But what I really want them to know is this. You inspire me. You are a role model for your children. You have found a way to live healthy, teach those traits to your kids, and spend time with them to boot. You show the rest of us that although it is simple, it is not easy. You just do it.

Everything we say and do proves who we are. In work, in life, in families and in the world. Now, does anyone have any children I can borrow for a run?

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