Shock Your Potential



Vans Fan for Life!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  Chris was the name of my 7th grade (and first ever) boyfriend.  He rode a BMX bike, had long hair, and wore Vans.  I believe he became a Philosophy professor.

None of that has anything to do with my purchase of Vans yesterday, but makes me laugh.  I was just looking for a great pair of walking shoes. I was immediately impressed by the entire staff in center city Philly.  Everyone was welcoming in a truly genuine way.  They actually cared I came in!

The relaxed yet focused sales environment caught my attention.  This team was unique. I never got the name of the man who helped me, but I assume his name is Charlie based on my receipt.

There are three things that made him stand out.

  • 1. He was a perfect mix of enthusiasm and professionalism
  • 2. He didn’t fall for my “I’m just looking.”  He knew I came in for a reason and truly wanted to help.
  • 3. His smooth attempt to upsell me to the invisible socks was perfection!  (I didn’t buy them, yet)

Finally, when I was checked out at the register, the same comfortable attempt to upsell the socks was made, showing continuity and commitment.

This was a fantastic experience, and reason enough for me to look for a second pair of Vans soon!

#secretshoppermichael #shockyourpotential

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