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Rocky Statue

The Heart of Rocky

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: I used to hate running, now I tolerate it.  I have once again started adding the Rocky Steps into my morning run.  Not easy.

This morning I was struck by all the people out so early, running up the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, being video taped by their loved ones.  It happens every day.

It always makes me smile, but today it made me contemplate the BRAND that is Rocky.  After all, I’m not sure how the museum would feel about the fact that even I refer to them as the Rocky Steps.

There were people of all ages, from many countries, and most way too young to have every seen the original movie.  Yet they come, they smile and they take a piece of this home with them.

As I study the brands of companies around the world, I wonder how Rocky has made it so far.  The first movie was simple, made in secret on a shoestring.  But it still tugs at our hearts, showing the humanity in us all.  There is power in seeing ourselves in others.

A woman hopped out of a cab to take a picture of the statue as I came by and I offered to take her picture.  She had a giant smile when she got back into the cab to head to her meeting.  A quick side trip that made her whole day.  I am so glad I got to be a witness.


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