Shock Your Potential


Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: It all began with the Crispy Quinoa Cake. My craving for this dish pops up a few times a year, like it did yesterday.

I didn’t expect a full restaurant at 1:30 on a Tuesday, but I found a small table to sit and read and savor. The manager walked by, checking on guests, and I thought about writing about her this morning. I loved her engagement and attention to guests.

Then I found the real reason to write about her.

She sat down to interview a mentally and physically disabled man. He had applied to be a server but had no experience, accompanied by whom I imagine was his case worker.

Since they were at the table behind me I was able to hear much of the interchange, and I listened to her interview this man as she would anyone else.

This was a very tough situation. He was not qualified for the position, but she gave him respect and then turned to questions of positions he was qualified for, highlighting how training and development could give him needed experience.

My suspicion is that this woman struggled with that interview, but she did great. She stood for humanity, and she definitely gave me a reason to return to this location.

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