Shock Your Potential


GMA with RR

Robin Roberts & GMA

Thoughts from the Coffee Table:  There may not be enough words in my brain to express my joy at being able to be in the GMA studio this morning, and meeting Robin Roberts.

I learned late last night that there would be no audience today, but that I was still invited as a VIP to sit in the main studio through the entire show.  I showed up early and was greeted immediately by this lovely woman. Watching the entire crew, all personable, professional and focused, was fascinating.  It takes a lot of talented people working in tandem to pull off a two-hour live show, and they were amazing.

I feel so blessed to have been able to meet Robin, see her in action, and have her take my book.  In person, she exactly who I imagined.  Professional, lovely to the people around her, and a truly joyful soul.

Now…time for a nap!

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