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Thoughts from the Coffee Table: At 16 I was as gift wrapper in a jewelry store.  Hired only for the holidays, I was selling on the floor within weeks.  I showed a passion for learning, watched how my colleagues dressed, and sold a diamond engagement ring on my first day!

I was fascinated by the Swarovski figurines. On slow days you would find me looking at those miniature works of art. My husband bought my first Swarovski earrings, and I was hooked! When we got married I bought two bands to go with my ring. I stare at them as much as I did in that case decades ago.

Last week in NYC I met Leslie at the 7th and 34th store. I have lost a crystal in each band, and as Leslie listened to my story and I explained how I cleaned all of my rings in the dishwasher, she very politely did NOT call me an idiot.

Offering to send them in, I said I was just planning to buy two new bands.  Leslie went though EVERY box in her store looking for my size, to no avail.   Since I live in Philly, she spent the time to make sure my store had them, not going to let me leave without a plan. 

The wonder and magic I felt at 16 looking at those crystals stays true today through the products and service I experience in these stores.  Now the real question is, what ELSE will I buy??

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