Shock Your Potential


Green Shoes

So Many Shoes

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: Yesterday something amazing happened, leading to a very important decision.

While in NYC I was hoping to get into the Good Morning America taping, something I’ve always wanted to do. I love GMA, watch it every day and even converted my husband. In my vision exercises I see myself being interviewed about my book by Robin Roberts, able to tell her how much I admire her sharing her very personal battles with the world.

I only made it to the waitlist.

While watching GMA from my hotel room, I decided to send Robin a Tweet. To my shock, she responded! After a few interchanges, I received notice that she followed me. With over 1.1 million people following her and only following about 1,500, she picked me!

6 months ago I began to use social media to build my brand, trying every day to stay true to my mission of finding excellence. To be chosen this way by someone I admire so much was humbling. But the story doesn’t end there.

She invited me to GMA to be in the audience next week, and has agreed to read my book. She doesn’t know me. She owes me nothing. But her kindness has proven what I already knew. She is awesome! So now the real challenge. What shoes to wear?

#shockyourpotential #tellmemorebook

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