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Freedom journal

Freedom Journal

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: Last week upon returning from vacation, I went back to school. I feel like I need a pic of myself with a backpack and lunch and sign that reads First Day of $&@?’th grade!

My “school” is a commitment to spend as much time learning new skills each day as I do building my brand. Last week I found John Lee Dumas while searching for information on creating a podcast (which I will be launching later this fall).

Despite my podcast focus, he also showed me a wealth of other tools like this Freedom Journal. I almost passed up on buying it because, of course, I know how to set and achieve goals! Right? Well, yes I do. But listening to a few of his podcasts I had to look myself in the mirror (those of you who know me personally will get a kick out of that) and recognize that I can always learn more.

I am starting Day 3 of this journey by writing about it because I have accomplished more in the last 2 days than I ever thought possible, all while also feeling balanced and grateful. My focus has now become a laser, and listening to his podcasts I feel like I have a coach in my corner. Let the journey continue!

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