Shock Your Potential




Thoughts from the Coffee Table: This morning I am headed to NYC for a quick trip, looking for more examples of excellent customer experiences. I didn’t intend to have one before the sun came up.

I had been planning to walk to the train station until I awoke to booming thunder and a seriously torrential downpour. Since I start out every day with at least a 1-2 mile walk, I was even more bummed.

So I ordered up a Lyft. I have never used Uber myself. I’m not sure why. But once I found Lyft, it just seemed to fit my personality. Maybe the hot pink calls to me.

This morning I was picked up in a Mercedes! But what really made my day on the 1.2 mile drive was Tammie, the driver. Tammie was personable, filled with joy, and all smiles at 6:15am. She was appropriately engaging and simply charming. The ride was too short in my opinion.

I wonder if Tammie knows how she kick started my day. I hope my laughter and genuine appreciation of her came through. And I feel lucky for the next person who gets to meet her. Life’s little joys should be treasured.

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