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The Logan

Anthony at The Logan

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: The Logan Hotel sits in perfect spot in Philadelphia and used to be a Four Seasons. We were terribly saddened when it closed a couple of years ago to become The Logan.

We weren’t saddened because we loved the other hotel. We were concerned that we would no longer see one of our favorite people.

There is a man who was a bellman at the Four Seasons, and this man could make the day of every person in Philly. When he was outside and not with a guest, he would wave and smile and shout Good Morning to anyone walking by.

Since I walk my husband to work in the morning when I am home, I realized we began to only walk in a path that took us by the hotel. When The Logan opened we were thrilled that not only was this man still working there, but that he had been promoted!

For the last several months we have had to walk a different path due to other city construction, but yesterday walked by to be greeted by him! It was like coming home.

I was going to go get his name again this morning, but he was busy making someone else’s day. I guess I have to share him with the rest of the world…

#shockyourpotential #secretshoppermichael

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