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Sherlock is His Name!

Thoughts from the Coffee Table:  Since I fly Delta more than any other airline, it should come as no surprise that I write about them more often than any other.  However, I am also constantly impressed by the quality of some of their team and their commitment to deliver on an exceptional customer experience.

While in Santiago, we also were able to witness many Delta crew members in a more relaxed environment as they were all staying in the same hotel we were.  We even got serenaded by one with serious opera pipes!

This is Sherlock.  Yep!  Sherlock Martin Wilson!

He couldn’t wait to get to my seat, knowing my last name is Sherlock. But before getting to me I watched him interact with each other person in front of me.  He was charming and joyous, exuding a joy that I found infectious.

The entire crew on our SCL to ATL flight was great, but Sherlock made my day.  The power of a smile and a laugh, and the ability to take a job seriously while not taking yourself to seriously is something to treasure. Until we meet again Sherlock!

#shockyourpotential #michaelsherlocktravels @delta

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