Shock Your Potential


Chincero Girl

Chinchero Peru

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: High in the hills in Peru you will find Chinchero, a unique town with a solemn archeological site. The town is the site for a future international airport, able to deliver more visitors closer to Machu Picchu . When built there will be both advancement for this town and loss of the true personality.

I found the sign of things not to do amusing, especially when we found a group a children playing on the top of the archeological site. Their smiles and laughter were infectious, and we even watched a quick fight that involved a couple of shoves, a kick to the shins, and then a return to running and laughing. No adults had to intervene. No one had to make them get along. They just knew how to resolve their own issues, and then moved on.

Later in our tour of the site we found piles of potatoes that the locals freeze dry on this mountain, proof again that past and present can work in harmony. I find myself longing to return to this country, to better understand this culture and these people.

Several days after I took the pic of the little girl that I realized her shoes are on the wrong feet. Just another way that no mat

ter our background, we are all very much the same.

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