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Leadership Art 1

Leadership Art

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: This stunning piece of art sits tucked around a quiet corner in the Doubletree Santiago, no artist listed. In fact, of all the sculpture I found in Santiago, none listed the artist. But the impact this one, in particular, had on me, was significant.

At first glance you might assume that this is about people at the top standing on the shoulders of others, holding them back so that they may rise to the top. But look closer, and try to zoom in on the largest picture I show.

When you look closely you will see that everyone is connected. Everyone is supporting and lifting another person while they climb. At the very bottom you find several people who were clearly once a part of the base who are now being lifted.

I am a firm believer that leadership means raising those around you to a higher level.

As I get back into reality after 16 days in Peru and Chile, I am so thankful for each experience. Today, reach down for someone else and give them strength and stability to continue their climb.

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