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Carlas from Delta

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: Yesterday in Santiago Chile, I found an example of excellence in service that I did not expect.

I am primarily a Delta customer, although I have had exceptional experiences on other airlines. The hotel we are staying at in Santiago has been filled each morning with Delta flight crews at breakfast. But this woman was something special. She was running around the breakfast room with a bag of the Biscoff cookies (I believe), making sure each member of the Doubletree staff got one.

As she made her way to each person, she left them each with a giant smile. The cookies were not the reason. She SAW these people and appreciated them. She has clearly been to this hotel before, and the team love her. The cookies were not the reason. She did more for the Delta brand than any commercial. And still, the cookies were not the reason.

I asked her name and if I could take her picture. Her joy comes through. Although I asked twice to make sure I got it correct, I believe her name is Carlas. I hope I didn’t screw that up.

When we fly home tomorrow night, I pray she is on my flight. I hope to see her again, and to see her spread even more joy.

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