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Weaver in Cusco

Dream Weaver

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: This beautiful woman knelt in one of the gardens in our hotel, all day yesterday. She quietly wove, smiling and concentrating, with a table close by filled with the fruits of her labor.

We walked by her and I snuck a quick picture when we headed out for our last tours of Cusco, and I wondered if she would be there when we returned.

During our last full day in Peru we drank in all that we could of this culture and did a little bit of shopping. I had fun trying to barter for a necklace with people who don’t really barter, and we both walked away happy. But when we came back to find this woman still kneeling and weaving, and we took the time to really see and touch what she made, there was no bartering. I would have given her almost anything, honored to walk away with a hat for me and a scarf for my husband. We are leaving with gifts of her talents.

I leave Peru today, blessed to bring this culture with me.

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