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Hiram Bingham Train

Hiram Bingham Train by Belmond

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: After leaving Manchu Picchu, we traveled back to Cusco via an extraordinary train. The Hiram Bingham train was named after the man who “discovered” Machu Picchu. I use the term loosely since the locals already knew about it.

This three hour trip is on a fabulously elegant train, with features that take you back in time, and a four course meal with crisp white linens. The level of service on this trip was mind blowing, but what really made the event for me was Gorki, both server and bartender.

Once the train departs and you have given your meal choice you are invited to go back to the bar car where there is a fantastic band and open bar. Gorki was our server then and I watched him quietly refreshing drinks, ensuring that no snack dish went more than halfway empty, and offering to take pictures while still balancing his silver serving tray in one hand.

After dinner we found Gorki behind the bar, pouring us a lovely whiskey and making you feel like you were in his home.

As we pulled into the station and realized our trip had to end, he asked me to complete a survey of our experience if we found it acceptable. Hm….let me think about that for a moment…

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