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Pisac Woman and baby Alpaca

Woman and her baby Alpaca

Thoughts Rrom the Coffee Table: I love to study the art of sales all over the world. Some places are the same, and others are vastly different. I just learned that around the Great Wall of China, your goods from vendors are bagged by color to tell the next vendor how well you negotiated. Smart!

In a town that is really more tourist trap than Incan community is Pisac. A very large “market” reveals booth after booth of materials that are often the same as the booth next door. People don’t really bother you, but once you touch anything or you say “that is pretty” to your fellow traveler, the game is on.

Of most fun to me was watching the Incan women with baby alpaca all dressed up attempting to have you get a picture I presume. Beautiful women who have lived hard lives and likely have a story to tell if I could speak their language.

I passed yesterday. Today we head higher into the Andean mountains. And today I am on a lookout for an Incan woman with a tiny alpaca…

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