Shock Your Potential

Shock Your Potential


Hang Gliding in Peru

Jumping Off a Cliff

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  Yesterday I did something I never thought I would ever do.  I jumped off a cliff.  Literally!

I have never been accused of being a thrill seeker.  I don’t even like rollercoasters.  But in the past few years I have been trying to do things that scare me just a bit to prove that I can face a challenge.

Yesterday I went hang gliding off the cliffs and over the ocean in Lima, and still feel the strain in my arms from holding the straps so tight.  My pilot tried to get me to let go and wave at the camera (yes, the entire thing is taped for your viewing pleasure), but I was quite happy holding on with a death grip.  It made him laugh.

How many of us are nervous when facing a challenge, be it in our personal or professional lives?  We all are if we are honest.  But moving forward despite the fear shows us what we are made of.

I was shaking when I took off.  I was shaking when I landed.  And I smiled the entire rest of the day.  I am so glad I did this, and would do it again!

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