Shock Your Potential

Shock Your Potential


Lush Perspective

Lush Spa – Perspective in Philly

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: As a thank you for my leadership training with the Lush team, I was treated to a spa treatment. I had no idea what to expect from something called Synaethesia. It has taken me all week to describe this experience , and I fear I still will not do it justice.

I have had great spa experiences before, but never anything like what I can only describe as “life altering.” I know that sounds a bit dramatic, which is part of the challenge I have had in writing about it. At its core, this is an 80 minute massage, but it is so very much more. Asked to pick a focus for my treatment from a list of emotional states, I chose Perspective.

This is a massage that incorporates all senses, and the particular focus on sound took me on a journey. Simply stated, this was transformative.

There are only two Lush spas in North America, Philadelphia and New York. The artistry of their spa concept, the attention to details that I’ve never seen employed in this fashion, is a gift in itself. I can’t believe that this gem has been in my own backyard without knowing about it!

Finally, Adrienne Williams, my therapist, was a complete joy. I gained Perspective this week, and I have her to thank for it!


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