Shock Your Potential

Shock Your Potential


Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish All Alone

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: The other day I walked by three sad little Swedish Fish that had been dropped on the sidewalk. I stopped to take a picture and I wasn’t immediately certain why.

Every time I flip through my pics, I stop to look at this little piece of candy. Now, I really love Swedish Fish! But perhaps most telling is that this lonely little piece of gummy goodness reminds me of how we have a responsibility to always operate with positive intent. I should have picked these up and thrown them away. I knew the hot day would melt them and they could easily end up on someone’s shoe. Why didn’t I pick them up?

You might ask why the person who dropped them just left them. But to me that is only one part of the equation. I had the chance to make a difference and I didn’t.

I think today I will look for the next Swedish Fish…


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